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M.A.D.E. in the USA Method

Make-up of Colognes, Fragrances and Perfumes

  • Perfume is made from about 78% to 95% of specially-denatured ethyl alcohol and a remainder of essential oils.  Perfume is the costliest form of fragrance with 22% of essential oils. 
  • Eau de Parfum (EDP) comes next with between 15 and 22% essential oils.
  • Next follows Eau de Toilette (EDT) with 8 to 15% essential oils.
  • Lastly, Eau de Cologne has just 4% essential oils.

Tips for Wearing Colognes, Fragrances and Perfumes

When applying colognes, fragrances and perfumes, apply them to pulse points such as the folds in the crook of your elbow and back of knees, wrist, neck and cleavage.  Make sure you do not rub wrists together as this crushes the smell.  Spraying a little into the air is also good if you walk straight into the perfume.  This helps to diffuse it over your body.  Simple application to the neck doesn’t always work as the scent rises up instead of down the body.  Also for women, consider wearing a small ball of perfume-impregnated cotton wool in your bra.

Try layering colognes, fragrances or perfumes.  Use same perfume brand, but in various products forms.  Begin with shower or bath gel and then rub in body lotion or spray with a matching after bath spray.  Finally apply the scent preferably as perfume or EDP.  The use of body lotion makes you feel really scented.  It is probably due to starting at the feet and applying the scent all over your body, which allows the scent to rise.  It also makes you feel extra special and totally pampered.

Keep bottles tightly stopped, away from direct heat and out of sunlight.  Some perfumes come in blue or opaque bottles for this reason and they store cologne and perfume well.

Try to choose cologne, fragrance or perfume that suits you … not your friends or family members.  Test a perfume in a store and then walk around for a minimum of ten minutes.  Some colognes or perfumes take more like half an hour or an hour to truly develop.

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